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Newbies and beginners are welcome to any of the group classes except the Elite pole class that is reserved for advanced dancers who can handspring confidently.

You need to get in touch to book in roughly a week in advance to ensure your space. Spaces are given out on a first come first serve basis. Payment to be taken in cash at start of lesson. 16 yrs and up.

Please wear leggings or jogging bottoms with shorts underneath (don’t panic! You don’t have to get your legs out at first!) and any top. We will be doing the lesson in bare feet. We sell the shorts and other clothing so please don’t rush out and buy new clothing for class.

Check out the timetable page for class days and times

Pole dancing is fast becoming a popular sport. People love pole dancing because it’s fun and strangely addictive. Pole dance fitness will tone your muscles, trim your body shape and increase your flexibility. After just a few sessions you can expect to notice your improved strength and stamina and weight loss. Pole dancing is known to greatly build self confidence in people too. Pole dancing really is for everyone – any age, shape, size and ability. Classes are friendly and welcoming. I encourage everyone to get to know each other and make new friends. I insist on everyone celebrating with claps and cheers when someone nails a new move. The group classes are mixed ability classes but everyone is given individual attention, spotting and support, and plenty of time on the poles to get a great workout! Through my years of teaching experience I have found it really helps beginners to watch more advanced students to see what can be achieved in the future. The class will start with an instructor led warm up, and finish with a cool down and stretch. Please don’t forget your camera or camera phone as the taking of pictures to show off your skills to friends and family is strongly encouraged! There is a trick syllabus for students to work through with 15 tricks to master in each level. Levels range from beginner to expert. Once a level is completed you will be presented with a personalised certificate to honor your achievements.


Get in touch today to book your place!

Booking is recommended for the class due to limited number of spaces. Please contact me on 07710818379 to book a space and arrange payment so the space can be held. It is also possible to pay for a block of 4 classes and book these classes at time payment. Individual classes are £9.50 or £34 for 4 lessons (this needs to be used within 6 weeks) and can be used for both aerial yoga classes as well as the aerial hammock classes.
Get in touch today for more information


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Phone : 07840 383 488

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